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Flughafensee is an ongoing series of portraits and situations taken by a lake called Flughafensee in Berlin, Tegel. They are of people who I approached, or who approached me because they were curious about what I was doing with my small medium format camera.

The Flughafensee lies one kilometer north of Berlin’s Tegel Airport and is accessible via footpaths that wind through a forest. It is a place of retreat and a point of reference for many different people. German Turks like Ahmed, the former acrobat Galina, refugee children, but also dubious characters spend time there. Attracted by their openness and their unusual stories I spent my summers since 2015 at this former gravel pit. The camera points to the ways in which people shape this environment, how they move around and interact. With a thoughtful eye and careful attention to detail, the work evokes a spirit of community life and belonging that may not always be beautiful.

Book: Flughafensee, Stefanie Kulisch
Photos & Text: Stefanie Kulisch
Self-published. First Edition 2016. Edition: 50, Softcover. (Sold out)

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